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2018 Honor Award

Posted in Awards by Kristie
May 16, 2018

h+uo is thrilled to announce our team member, David Carroll, was presented with the John V. Nyfeler, FAIA Community Service Award.

Named to acknowledge the first recipient, John V. Nyfeler, FAIA, for his leadership in the community, this award is for an individual AIA Austin member for extended commitment to their community whether or not this service is directly related to the profession.

David Carroll follows firm founder, Tom Hatch, FAIA, in receiving this award 10 years prior.


Conference of the Association for Community Design

Posted in Awards by Kristie
June 15, 2017

One of h+uo’s project architects, Kristina Olivent, AIA, is going to be a presenter at the 40th Annual Conference of the Association for Community Design taking place in Dallas, Texas from June 22-25.

The conference is made up of a series of presentations, workshops, participatory and/or advocacy events, tours and networking opportunities which seek to further the practice and awareness of community-engaged design.

As defined by ACD, community-engaged design is “a movement focused on the creation and management of environments for people. This process promotes change to the built environment from the neighborhood to regional scale, and aims to meet community needs through participatory decision-making at all levels.”

Kristina Olivent, AIA is a co-chair of AIA Austin’s DesignVoice committee. Along with fellow committee members, she will be presenting case studies, tools for success, and lessons learned from DesignVoice’s current community-engaged design projects. These projects will be the Mi Jardin Bus Stop Shelter, which was a design competition DesignVoice held in partnership with Austin’s transportation authority, CapMetro, to provide a placemaking neighborhood landmark in an underserved part of the city.  A second project to be featured will be the Tiny Victories competition DesignVoice hosted to provide designs for micro-homes for the chronically homeless in partnership with Community First! Village.

h+uo encourages you to consider attending this conference that will offer inspiring ideas for fostering community design and enriching our shared daily experience. You can register by clicking the link below.


AIA Presidents Award

Posted in Awards by Kristie
December 29, 2016



Every year, the AIA Board President has the opportunity to recognize an individual that supports the mission of AIA Austin.


This year, President Jim Susman, gave the award to David Carroll, AIA. “This award is in recognition of David’s steadfast and heartfelt commitment to our Chapter, specifically with respect to advocacy and urban design issues.”


AIA grants the honor for making a special contribution to the design and construction community, supporting the members, and going above and beyond the requirements of the employment or volunteer position.


We are so proud of David and his accomplishments for both AIA and our firm, h+uo. Keep up the great work!


Twin Oaks Branch Library Honor

Posted in Awards by Kristie
June 8, 2015

We are honored to be noted in the 2015  Community Impact Newspaper’s Central Austin Architecture and Design Guide. ​Our Twin Oaks ​Branch Library project was ​highlighted.

You can read more about the Central Austin Architecture and Design Guide HERE.

Getting the Recognition this Magical Property Deserves

Posted in Awards by Kristie
January 16, 2015
We were the original architects of this special project and special place formerly known as The Crossings.  Now Travaasa, this incredible experiential resort is a must see destination.  It is no surprise to us why they received this honor:



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