The Crossings (now Travaasa Experiential Resort and Spa) Conference Center, Austin, Texas

The Crossings is a progressive learning center and retreat built on a small portion of a 200-acre tract in Volente, Texas. At approximately 80,000 square feet of building area, The Crossings is the largest project yet to be built in the Volente area, and sets the standard for environmentally appropriate development. As part of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve and habitat for endangered Golden Cheeked Warblers, the utmost care was taken to minimize the "footprint" of the facility and protect sensitive areas from disturbance.

All design decisions - including road and trail design; placement, orientation, and form of the structures; utility layout; and wastewater disposal - were driven by the desire to minimize site degradation and create a human-scaled, welcoming, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly retreat.

In addition to this Conference Center and Library, the facility includes the following buildings: Dining hall with cafe and bookstore; Welcome Center/Administration Building; Wellness Center and Spa; Gatehouse complex; Eight lodges; Chapel/Retreat; and Maintenance/Laundry Building.
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