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The Jeremiah Program is Coming to Austin!

Posted in In Progress by Kristie
April 10, 2013

The architecturally unique prospect housing offered by the Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation, Heart House, and the very progressive Jeremiah Program, will prove to be the social hub of Austin’s most successful net-zero development, as well as a welcome home for many in need.

Originally founded in Minneapolis, the Jeremiah Program is expanding into Austin, providing single mothers and their children with the support and tools they need to overcome poverty and succeed. The Jeremiah Program accommodates families with transitional housing, early childhood education, life skills training, and support for career-track education. h+uo architects were selected as the designers for the Austin center.

The project has been approved for the construction documentation phase and is being led by h+uo Senior Partner, Tom Hatch.

About Jeremiah Program

The Jeremiah Program simultaneously prepares single mothers to succeed in the workforce and readies children to succeed academically, reducing generational dependence on public assistance. The program currently has two operational sites in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, serving 300 women and children at any given time. In addition to expansion in Austin, the Jeremiah Program is also looking into expanding in Fargo, ND-Moorhead, MN.


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