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HausBar Farm Close to Completion

Posted in In Progress by Kristie
March 1, 2013

After over three years of development and construction, the HausBar Farm is finally close to completion! Previous Eastside Café owners Dorsey Barger and Susan Hausmann, love growing their own foods and are very passionate about making their urban farm 100% organic and sustainably operated. With the design help of h+uo Senior Partner, Tom Hatch, and Architect, Kelly Stephenson, the property has transformed from a blight space into a beautiful self-sustaining estate.

Meticulously designed, the HausBar Farm includes a huge outdoor kitchen, a gorgeous wraparound porch to view the garden, and a layout that strategically positions the farm in the front yard. Along with producing crops and livestock, HausBar Farm is a beautiful bed & breakfast, open for tours while educating visitors about their sustainability systems.

The farm includes:
-Fruits and vegetables
-Chickens and ducks
-Two miniature donkeys
-Tilapia filled fish tank
-Agua/hydroponic system

About Urban Farming
Urban farms are properties ranging between one and five acres. Landowners raise produce as well as chickens that are kept in enclosures at least 50 feet away from neighboring homes.

The current East Austin urban farm movement began in the early 1990s, and continues to grow.

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