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A Restoration Project To Remember

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August 29, 2014

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The recently completed Swedish Pioneer Cabin at Zilker Botanical Gardens is ready for the public. h+uo architects worked with City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department and Garden Center Staff to restore an essential piece of early Austin history.

Barbara Pate, whose great grandmother was born in the cabin, has been the primary advocate for the restoration of the cabin and is an invaluable resource on the Swedish Pioneer history of Austin. The cabin was built around 1840 and was located in Govalle, Swedish pioneer S.M. Swenson owned the cabin, and kept it in his family. The cabin was moved later in its life to the intersection of 14th and San Jacinto and then to Nelson Park, and finally to Zilker Botanical Gardens in the 1960’s.

The restoration effort included removing and replacing bottom water damaged base logs, replacing the chinking and daubing filler between the logs, adding an accessible path, and a water collection pond to prevent future damage.

We were honored to be a part of the restoration team keeping our shared history alive and available for the great state of Texas.




Nursing the Swedish Log Cabin Back to Health

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July 10, 2013

Swedish Log Cabin

The small Swedish Log Cabin residing in Zilker Botanical Gardens has quite the history.  Built in 1838, the cabin was deconstructed, relocated, and rebuilt five separate times throughout Austin. Cabin advocate, Barbara Pate, has strong sentimental attachments to this cabin, the same place where her grandmother was born. Her family history has long been tied to this cabin and Pate wants to see it restored again.

The grade level log was damaged and rotting due to rainwater running off at the base of the cabin. The interior was also in bad shape, as it was often intruded by animals. Pate pushed the city for six years to get involved and make reparations, and finally got her wish in 2011 when the city commissioned the project.

h+uo architects is working with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department to restore the cabin. In order to divert streaming water, a rain water garden is being built, and an accessible path is being created for visitors to use while venturing to see the cabin.

The renovations are in the drawing phase, and the cabin is on its way to becoming a spot visitors can enjoy again!


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