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Construction Zone

January 30, 2015


 2015 has started off with many new projects for h+uo. Here are a few of our latest under construction:

The Groves

Houston, Texas
Client: Crescent Communities


Oak Point Park

Plano, Texas
Client: City of Plano


Homestead Oaks

Austin, Texas
Client: Foundation Communities


Tiny East Austin Bungalow Remodel


East Austin Art Studio / Garage



The Waters at Willow Run

Austin, Texas
Client: Atlantic Housing Foundation

Erik Visits Vermont Timberworks for his project, The Groves

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January 2, 2015


Shortly before Christmas Erik traveled to Vermont to check on the timber-frame package for his latest project, The Groves. While at the Vermont Timberworks facility he was given a tour of the shop and was introduced to their crew.

“They showed a lot of pride and craftsmanship in their work. Very inspiring.” -Erik


These photos represent some of the careful detailing required to construct a timber-frame of this magnitude.



An h+uo Update

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October 3, 2014


These past summer months were a time of going and doing.  We are fortunate to have many new and exciting projects and our minds are packed with ideas.  This fall is looking as if it will not be much different, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!  Here is a little update about h+uo architects and our current projects:



It has been a summer of “moving” and travel for the h+uo architects team: From relocating houses off of Rainey Street, to wrapping up the Aspen Heights Student Housing project in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Also among the list: We are nearing the final stages of completion for Waters At Willow Run, adding final touches to The Groves, and are about to obtain permits for The Waters at Sunrise in Round Rock – a 300 unit apartment complex.


“Despite all the frequent rains in Houston, the contractor is making great progress on The Groves Welcome Center. The first wing has been framed and they are about to start on the next.” -Erik



The firm’s founding partner, Tom Hatch, has taken on a slew of duplex renovations in the Austin area. With renovations and additions, we can’t wait to unveil the “before & after” photos upon completion.



We know it’s October, but we also know it’s Austin.  So keep your eyes peeled for a closer look at some of the pools and backyard spaces that h+uo architects has designed this past year.  We also have a number of rehabilitation projects on the boards including a lovely example of historical Austin architecture, Oakwood Cemetery Chapel, and another local gem, the Little League baseball field where Hall of Fame legend, Willie Mays, once played..  More coming soon!


Preserving At The Groves

July 4, 2014

2013-06-20 Vis-Center_PdKA8t.skp

The first phase of our project is complete at The Groves in Houston. As always, our goal is to preserve as much as possible, and minimize disruption in the environment. Something made easier after the project developer paired with Huffman resident Randy Sullivan.

He is able to put his wood carving hobby to use. His experience in wood work made him the perfect fit to help create reusable items with pieces of wood for the development.

Though removing trees is inevitable, we took conscious efforts to keep as many as possible. The trees we had to remove to clear roadway paths were able to be turned into children’s playground equipment, stepping stones, and beams for the master-planned community.

The Groves is a 993-acre project consisting of 2,200 homes. We are happy to have found a way to preserve and re-purpose on such a unique scale.


Link to full story found through LinkedIn by Crescent Communities: LINK FOUND HERE

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