Cardinal Point Apartments, Austin, Texas

Cardinal Point is another wonderful community created by Foundation Communities that brings affordability to those with limited income. This is the first affordable community of its kind in Northwest Austin. Five three-story buildings housing 120 family-oriented units, an onsite learning center, and leasing office, are nestled in the naturally hilly and wooded site. Simplified vernacular forms and bold colors help integrate the design into the regional vocabulary and define it as a community-based home for working families in this Northwest Austin neighborhood. The informal site layout is a response to the site's natural topography and rocky features. Meandering paths lead residents to the many amenities; including shaded bicycle parking, a sport court, playground, laundry center, rain garden, and learning center. A combination of metal and TPO roofing, loose fill cellulose and continuous rigid insulation, tile flooring, insulated windows, and low-VOC interior finishes provide a cool, healthy environment. The project is currently pursuing LEED platinum certification, and has already been certified as an Enterprise Green Community.
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