SH 130 Highway Administrative & Maintenance Buildings, Buda, Texas

State Highway 130 is a tollway from Interstate 35 in Georgetown to US 183 and SH 45 at Mustang Ridge in Central Texas. When completed, SH 130 will run in a 89-mile corridor east and south of Austin, Texas. As part of the management of the toll road; H+UO Architects was commissioned to design a state of the art facility to house the toll operations and administration building and the roadway maintenance building. The site, located just south of the Travis County line, required the design and construction of all necessary infrastructure and landscaping to support the facility. The 11,600 SF Operations and Administration building acts as the nerve center of the toll road segments processing data and monitoring the status of the tollway. The 13,500SF maintenance building houses the equipment and personnel to keep the tollway safe. The buildings were completed in August of 2011 after 8 months of construction.
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