Lotus Village Apartments, Austin, Texas

Lotus Village is a 213 unit apartment complex, comprised of 10 buildings, 6 of which are four-story with elevators and the remaining 4 are three-story structures. A tenant Amenity Center houses the leasing office, community rooms with a pool table and tv lounge, an exercise room and an outdoor pool. The apartment buildings are clustered into 3 groups, which each contain their own oriental themed landscaped garden with unique water feature. Each apartment has a private balcony facing out onto the gardens. Throughout the site are various recreation areas with features such as bbq pits, a sand volleyball court and a gazebo. All of the site sidewalks are shaded and constructed of pervious paving material. The parking is distributed throughout the site, to limit the distance from the building entrances, and there are 12 carport structures which house 6 autos each. The project is currently under construction.
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