River Hills Residence, Austin, Texas

This River Hills Residence is a modestly sized home on a heavily wooded lot on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. The home incorporates numerous reclaimed materials purchased by the Owner, a self-proclaimed “eBay junkie”, and his wife. The use of these materials, along with the decision to situate the house on an existing foundation, posed a challenge for the architect but benefited the homeowner's budget as well as the environment. Each material discovery and choice spurred a discussion of how to incorporate the old with the new into a cohesive, livable whole.

The largest eBay purchase, six 58-foot bow trusses salvaged from the Nashville recording studio where Elvis recorded “Heartbreak Hotel”, dictated the design of the large main room. Other eBay purchases include reclaimed walnut used in the master bathroom, lighting and other electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, inwall speakers, a security system, and a wood stove.
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